Sonarpur Nadam-Sonarpur ,the place where the institution, Nadam has been founded in 1993.The name of the place has been added before the name of the institution.
NADAM- means Nad Brahma,the short form of Nataraj Academy of Dance And Music.
NADAM-Where the students, through their dedication and hard work,naturally achieve the Aim of their Life with a Musical mind.
An Institution started at Sonarpur, a suburban area of Kolkata already has marked its name in the field of Art and Culture of West Bengal as well as in India.
In response to the high demand from the students, Nadam has opened its branches in Kolkata,North Bengal and North 24 parganas.Not only from different parts of West Bengal but also from Bangladesh,U.K,USA and Europe,students are coming to learn kathak from Nadam's director Sandip Mallick who is an internationally acclaimed kathak performer,teacher and choreographer. 
NADAM has performed in various prestigious festivals like Vasant Utsav(New Delhi)Uday Sankar Dance Festival(kolkata) Barabati Festival(orrisa)Chandipur Beach Festival(orrisa)World Dance Day(w.b)EZCC's programme at Shantinikatan and many others.
As a soloist many of Sandip Mallick's students are performing in various festivals in India and abroad.Among the students,there are not only three National scholars of Govt.of India and one CCRT Scholarship holder, but also many others who are achieving success regularly in different competitions of Kathak.
Essence of Life,Upalabdhi,Alingan,Umang,Kathak Parikrama,Nrityadarpan(a personal grunted production of Ministry of culture,Govt. of India)are the different pieces and productions of NADAM.
The senior students are regularly attending the workshops by Pt.Birju Maharaj,Pt.Chitraesh Das and Smt. Saswati Sen.In 2005 NADAM has organised a workshop conducted Smt. Saswati Sen under the supervition of Pt. Birju Maharajji